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The Dangers of Using Social Media During a Divorce

Many of us use social media every day, if not multiple times a day, and even have an account for several different platforms. For some, it is merely a fun pastime. For others, it is a useful tool that allows them to network and foster connections they might not otherwise be able to cultivate. Regardless of the reasons why you choose to log into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform, continuing to remain active online might harm you if you are in the process of obtaining a divorce.

Why You Should Consider a Social Media Hiatus

Social media use might seem completely harmless, but it can have a profound impact on legal proceedings, so it is best to take a break until your divorce is finalized. Considering how much many of us often share, social media contains a wealth of information most might never have access to if this tool did not exist. It can provide all the evidence your spouse needs to use against you in court.

For example, if you have concerns about spousal support payments and claim you cannot afford them, but post about an expensive purchase or a recent vacation, a judge will not believe you. You might even be accused of hiding assets. If you are vying for child custody, but frequently vent online about how frustrated and angry you are with your spouse, this might have an impact on your case as well. A hostile co-parent will not look good in family court.

Your best course of action is to stay off social media for the time being. However, if you cannot cut off all social media use, you should at least consider the following tips:

  • Do not badmouth your spouse online
  • Do not use the check-in feature or share your location
  • Do not post about a new relationship or your dating life
  • Do not post about recent purchases or vacations
  • Ask your friends and family not to post about your divorce or tag you in photos
  • Do not discuss the details of your divorce online
  • Do not accept any new friend requests from anyone you do not know
  • Do not assume everyone who is your online friend or follower is loyal to you
  • Do not post pictures of yourself at a party
  • Do not repost or share memes or photos that propagate negative views of marriage
  • Do not create an online dating profile or, if you already have one, remove it until your divorce is finalized

If you are unsure about a post, ask your divorce attorney for advice. You should also ask yourself if you would mind a judge reviewing your post in court. Remember, once you post something, even if you delete it, it will never completely disappear. Be cautious with your social media use and heed your divorce attorney’s advice.

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