Rebuilding a Better Co-Parenting Relationship After a Divorce

Divorce is not always the end of a relationship. For those with children, it is the beginning of a different kind of co-parenting relationship. If you and your former spouse still have a lot of unresolved problems and hurt feelings, relearning how to work together and raise your children under these new circumstances will require a hefty amount of patience and practice. However, it is not undoable. Your new common goal is to serve the best interests of your children and ensure you raise them in a stable and healthy environment. Keep this in mind as you move forward.

Reestablishing Trust with Your Former Spouse

One of the biggest issues between former spouses is a lack of trust. If you wish to have a better co-parenting relationship, you will need to work together to restore it. A key element in restoring trust is consistency. When you and your co-parent know what to expect from one another, it will relieve some of your anxieties and feelings of suspicion. You do not necessarily need to become friends, but you should learn to respect each other and support your respective relationships with the children.

Here are some tips that will help you rebuild your co-parenting relationship:

  1. Have empathy for each other: Dealing with the aftermath of a divorce is challenging for everyone involved. Try to make it easier by showing a little understanding and empathy for what your former spouse is going through since, after all, you are enduring the same hardships. Take it easy on each other and keep in mind that this situation is equally difficult for both of you.
  1. Be a better listener: Listening means a whole lot more than hearing what a person says. You need to understand what your co-parent is saying instead of immediately reacting on impulse. Being a better listener does not mean you have to agree with your co-parent, but you should at least understand the message he or she wishes to communicate.
  1. Ask for each other’s opinions: When you were married, you probably made many of the decisions related to your children as a team. Although you are no longer married, you are still a co-parenting team, so remember to collaborate and ask for each other’s opinions on these matters. Not only is this helpful for building trust, but it can also ensure you are both always up to date on your children’s lives.
  1. Be comfortable with apologizing: No one is perfect. You and your co-parent are going to make mistakes and that is perfectly acceptable. However, you should be willing to apologize when you make a mistake or cause pain. Do not underestimate the power of a genuine apology.

Lastly, keep on trying. You might fail or encounter some initial difficulties, but as long as you both put an honest effort into working together, you will ultimately succeed.

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